The Liberal’s War on Women Continues

Once again elected representatives in Colorado wage war on women who only seek the right to choose to not be defenseless victims in the face of violent crime. Notice in the video the violent criminal’s advocate uses almost 20 year old statistics from questionable sources that only refer to deaths and not successful incidents of self defense where there were few to no injuries. Even though the FBI released a study a few years later showing that choosing not to resist violent crime at all resulted in a chance of serious injury two and a half times greater  for women than using a firearm  (this can include merely brandishing it).

In the end Amanda Collins’ testimony went unheard as Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak, and her fellow violent criminal’s advocates on the Judiciary Committee voted in favor of banning responsible adults from carrying concealed weapons on college campuses.  No matter that there have been no major incidents of someone lawfully carrying a firearm on a Colorado campus behaving badly, victims must be disarmed so the people can cling to the Government’s skirts in fear.



One response to “The Liberal’s War on Women Continues

  1. Leave it to the liberals to totally ignore the Constitution.