Getting a grip on a 1911

Back when I started shooting there were several truths when it came to one’s choice of defensive weaponry.

  • The best pistol was a 1911 in .45 ACP
  • All you should need to do is put on decent sights, grips and bevel the magwell to have a fighting pistol.
  • The best aftermarket grips were Pachmayr

Now in the years a lot has changed. Technology has improved the bullets for a 9mm to the point where it is running neck and neck with the .45 ACP. Glocks were introduced and took off like hotcakes. Other options for grips now exist.

Me, I still feel more comfortable with something in .45 ACP and with almost 30 years of experience with the platform I choose is the 1911. They just work for me. However I’ve since gone to add-on magazine wells for my field guns because that cavernous maw is hard to miss when reloading. Originally I was OK with the Pachmayrs on my 1911, but I wanted something that looked better without breaking the bank.

Enter Strike Industries PX-09 Polymer grips. At $15.95 they were among the least expensive grips I’d ever seen so I decided to give them a chance. The grips arrived quickly and installation only took a few minutes. They definitely looked better than the old Pachmayrs as they designed for a gun with a magazine well The magazine release cut out was big enough to do the job without being too large and guided my thumb right to the magazine release without fail.


There was a small issue with fitting in that the back of the grips were slightly larger than the S&A magwell I was using.


Wondering if they might fit an Ed Brown magwell better I got my Delta Elite out of the safe and decided to compare.


As I got ready to swap the $100 custom grips I noticed that they fit almost the same as the Strike Industries grip. If a custom set of grips costing more than six times the price of the Strike Industries grips fits the same  it’s either meant to be that way or it just doesn’t matter, so I decided not to worry about it.


Overall the  Strike Industries grips were very comfortable without and noticeable sharp edges unlike some checkered grips I’ve handled in the past. They also provided an excellent gripping surface that didn’t shred your hands after several magazines.

As I no longer am jumping in and out of vehicles, diving into the dirt and doing many other things that outright abuses gear for a living I can’t tell you how suitable these grips are for that. However if you plan to carry these into the field on hiking or camping trips or just take them to the range for blasting I feel these grips will serve you very well. If I had any complaints about these grips it would be the following; They don’t offer a diamond cutter pattern grip in the standard width and they don’t make these for my preferred CCW Officer’s Model 1911s. The price of these grips makes them an excellent value and if you were afraid of breaking a set (I doubt you will) it won’t kill your bank account to purchase a backup set. I won’t be replacing the grips on my Delta Elite, but if Strike Industries ever comes out with grips for the compact 1911’s I’ll definitely order two pairs for my daily carry guns.

Obligatory FTC disclaimer: The above product was purchased by me with my own hard earned money. I am receiving no compensation for writing about it nor do I expect any.


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