Always check and maintain your gear.

Earlier this week I was doing drills with one of my backup CCW pieces and ran into a problem that if it had happened in a serious situation would have been very very bad. While changing magazines I discovered one that didn’t fit right. These are high quality brand name magazines but for whatever reason this one jammed solid in the gun. There was no removing it until I disassembled the magazine allowing it to fully seat and the magazine release to work properly. In a life or death situation this malfunction would have been death without a backup gun.

Turns out that while I had carefully checked every magazine in my primary carry gun I hadn’t done the same for my backup piece. Both guns use the same frame but a slight difference in tolerances led to a crippling malfunction. Fortunately all it took to correct was a minor modification to the base plate. Now all magazines have been re-verified in both guns and all work perfectly.

The next day Commander Zero discovered an issue with his wife’s backup gun. While it may not have been as bad as the malfunction I experienced, it highlights the need to carefully maintain your lifesaving equipment. Personally I prefer to wipe down carry pieces daily while field stripping and inspecting them at least  once a month. Your life may depend on your gear so take very good care of it.

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