Beware false prophets preaching gun safety

One thing we in the firearms community have always had to be watchful for is people who proclaim themselves to be firearm safety instructors who take people’s hard earned money and then ‘teach’ them skills that will either land them in the morgue, civil court or prison. Now we have the anti-civil rights cultists co-opting the phrase ‘gun safety’ to substitute for ‘gun control’ more appropriately know as citizen disarmament.

These gun safety ‘experts’ include the likes of Carolyn McCarthy who has no idea what the cosmetic features she is trying to ban actually are. Diane Feinstein who admits that what she will ban (for now) is based on  a picture book and of course we mustn’t forget Joyce Foundation funded Media Matters whose founder was and may possibly still be guarded by an aide in possession of firearms regardless of legality.

These safety ‘experts’ have no interest in anyone’s safety other than their own. This is why Mayor Bloomberg, who desires to emulate Demolition Man’s Dr. Raymond Cocteau, denies citizens the right to protect themselves while surrounding himself with numerous bodyguards who seem to engage in intimidation of citizens as much as they do trying to keep hizzoner safe. Like the rest of his ilk he wants rules that will subjugate the masses while they live in luxury supplied by our labors.


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