Make no mistake, they wanted Sandy Hook to happen and…

They want more tragedies like that to occur. Who is they? Every single person rushing to a camera saying we must enact laws to curtail the civil rights of law-abiding Americans even though the laws will be ineffective at preventing such tragedies from occurring. I’l l go so far as to say such laws encourage them.

Think about this, the next lunatic is already out there pondering mass murder. They are looking at all of the coverage being given to the shooter at Sandy Hook as well as the aftermath. Imagine how they must feel to know if they do something similar they may just be the one who changes the country. A far cry from the pitiful existence they now feel they have. The press, politicians and their drooling followers have already given them the blueprint on how to become famous.

However unlike their drooling followers politicians and certain members of the press wait with great anticipation for the inevitable copycat. They can’t wait to stand on the graves of more dead bodies to further their agenda and if they don’t get fresh ones soon enough you can expect to see them start dragging out pictures of the dead, feelings of family members of the victims be damned. They have a country to fundamentally change and they have to move quickly if they are to succeed.

It’s up to us to stop them, to quote fellow blogger borepatch the Cold Civil War has begun. We are going to have to give 150% to be sure we don’t lose.


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