“Rape doesn’t justify murder”

In yesterday’s post about the presumably fake Brady Campaign image titled “Better to be raped than to kill your attacker” I stated that I had actually met people who believe and advocate this mindset. Just in case there was any doubt this was left in the comments:






3 responses to ““Rape doesn’t justify murder”

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    Words fail me. Mr. Davidson is one dangerous, deluded, idiot.

  3. Mr. Davidson cannot have the ability to protect himself all he wants. Why is it that he thinks his rational is any more valid than others who want to protect themselves? Why does others, who are sane, law abiding and responsible keeping any type of firearm bother him and others so much? I have a theory; My theory is that progressives are cowards, they would not use violence to protect themselves nor their families, thus they HATE when others are willing to take responsibility of their own safety as it reminds them of their own cowardice. Cowards hate to be shown that they are cowards. http://charlescarrollsociety.com/2012/12/28/the-gun-grabbers-are-getting-organized-are-you/