Fake Brady Campaign Image: Better to be raped than to kill your attacker

Via a link over at Say Uncle I present this image without further comment


Update: Image is from a satire site (4Chan) and not real. The best satire is the most believable.

Having actually met people who believe and advocate this mindset,  I fell for it hook line and sinker.

I am leaving the image up as an admission that I did get trolled. I mean no disrespect towards the victims of sexual assault as I have met many. Some fought back, some didn’t, one couldn’t. None regrets fighting back.


9 responses to “Fake Brady Campaign Image: Better to be raped than to kill your attacker

  1. People blame 4chan for everything nowadays. It’s like the Internet’s tinfoil hat. I think the Brady Campaign needs to step up and actually say something about this image, since it’s widely offensive. Not to mention they recommend that instead of having a gun on you, that you vomit/defecate/say you are on your period instead. Really shameful.

  2. How is it a fake when that is what the Brady Campaign would say?

  3. You are an absolute moron if you think you can use rape to justify murder. It’s incomprehensible to think that you would. We need to enact common sense legislation to eliminate these semiautomatic assault weapons and massive clips that directly endanger children and innocent people. Nobody needs these… things, and if you think you do to protect yourself from the government you’re as unstable as the guy who shot up sandy hook!

  4. @ David Davidson. The government is only using the sandy hook shooting to there advantage. The gun dose not cause the chaos its the operator. If there is a gun ban what makes you think a criminal will fallow the law? Drugs are illegal and people still use them. Banning guns will only disarm honest law abiding citizens. Criminals sure as hell won’t give up there guns. You are out of your mind if you believe that criminals will give up weapons, that’s why they are criminals because they don’t care about laws. Oh and the average response time for police is 12 min. The average response time of my AR to someone harming my family is 1200 fps. When they ban guns you will do 2 things if someone is hurting you or your family #1 call someone with a gun(police) and #2 hope and pray they get there fast enough.
    Tell me if you would rather defend your wife and kids with a firearm or call the cops and wait while some maniac is doing crazy shit to you and your family?

  5. someone posted this screenshot on the brady page, http://imageshack.us/a/img819/9646/1357269410325.jpg

    it’s real, they actually posted it and deleted it after they got a bunch of negative response

  6. robertsgunshop

    David, I’m sorry you don’t have the balls to protect yourself and those you care for. I hope you are never the victim of a violent crime.

  7. rather than random finger pointing, how about we see that screen shot from the 4chan page? I liked that page on face book for over a year now and not ONCE have I seen it there.

  8. Plenty of screenshots of it on FB. No screenshots of it on 4chan. Weird.

  9. ordnancecorner

    @charles All I have is a trusted source who says the original posting was on 4can. However, I’m not out to crucify 4chan, I’m just stating the fact that the best information I have says it came from there. I don’t really care where it came from as it does illustrate perfectly the thinking of anti-rights cultists.