College Presidents for “Gun Safety”; Racist lying bigots or just violent?

Rearing their head yesterday an organization claiming to represent University Presidents and claiming to be interested in Gun Safety published “An Open Letter to Our Nation’s Policy Leaders.” Where they beg for themselves, their faculty, staff and student to kept defenseless victims by their government masters.

In a clever manipulation of statistics that would make Samuel Clemens proud they talk about the United States’ position in the world for violence with guns. By focusing solely on guns they ignore that the United States rates 108th for intentional homicides and 18th for firearm related homicides in the world. I’d be willing to bet that at least some of the signatories to the letter have vacationed in the countries more violent than the US. Did they do so because they like to thumb their status as a resident of a wealthy country at the indigent population?

Then comes their call for ‘Gun Safety’ legislation. Do they ask that the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program be taught to children? The Four Rules of gun safety to be discussed with adults? Absolutely not. Instead we are treated to the usual litany of the hoplophobe. “Keep us defenseless, restrict financial transactions between individuals, ban objects that we have an unreasonable fear of because of their appearance, etc.” Standard fare from those who do not want others to have things they know they may misuse due to their own violent tendencies.

I’m tempted to e-mail them all a gun safety question like “is it safe to fire +P+ ammunition in my 1960s S&W Airweight revolver?” After all if they’re “the experts” they should know right?”


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