If you really are serious about stopping Rapid Mass Murder Events…

Propose a serious solution. Connecticut has the fifth strictest gun control laws in our nation, they have an ‘assault weapons’ ban, they have gun free zones and yet the murders happened anyway. Now law-abiding Americans with no history of mental illness, or violent outbursts are being targeted by the violent anti-rights cultists as the problem. If they were really serious about stopping the bloodshed they wouldn’t drag out pet laws that have been tried and failed repeatedly.

One suggestion that has taken hold and is resonating with the American people as a common sense solution is giving the faculty and staff of schools the option to carry weapons. Opponents of this idea have been making statements about how conservatives want to arm the people they were calling thugs a few weeks ago. This sweeping generalization fallacy shows the weakness of their argument. Yes conservatives called the people who destroyed a tent with people in it and assaulted a black hot dog-cart vendor while hurling racial epithets at him thugs. However, we know not all members of teachers unions and people employed by private schools are thugs. We know that hose who are willing to go through the effort to get the training to carry a firearm in a school setting will be from the same demographic as the rest of the eight million Americans licensed to carry a firearm. They will be more law-abiding than the average American.

The other argument we hear is that more guns will not increase safety. Ignoring the inconvenient truth that when RMM events occur the first thing that happens is good guys with guns are called to stop the bad with guns this has already been proven false. Currently, one small county in Texas and the entire state of Utah authorize those who have undergone training and been licensed to carry to bring their guns into schools. Number of accidents; zero, number of RMM events; zero.

In Newton Connecticut it took twenty minutes for the police to respond. When they arrived on scene the deranged killer, faced with people who could fight back, committed suicide. During that time there was no one with an effective means to fight back, though several brave educators tried anyway and paid the ultimate price. When armed citizens are present the carnage ends sooner and with fewer casualties. In the last two weeks two potential RMM events were stopped by armed citizens in Oregon and Texas.

When you hear people talk about banning guns or magazines know that they are not serious about stopping the violence that cause the death of 20 children. They need that violence to continue so they can advance their agenda. They need you afraid of everything so you look to them for help. They do not want you learning to stand on your own two feet and facing the fear yourself. They do not want to protect children or the weak, without cowed victims they have no cause.


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