Do not let the anti-rights cultists define the argument

It looks like the NRA will finally issue a response on Friday. What that response will be I do not know, but I am concerned we’re going to see the same backpedaling that gave us the Brady Bill and the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban. I have already sent a message to the NRA explaining what I expect of them and hope everyone else will consider doing the same.

In the meantime the anti-rights cultists have come out swinging and they are trying desperately to define the argument as one of ‘gun violence’ by focusing on guns only they can cherry pick statistics in their favor. However, their argument comes apart when the argument is defined as all violence. This is what we must focus on and in reality if we are to accomplish anything meaningful what the nation must focus on.

Focusing on  objects like the AR15 is the wrong approach. The knife attack in China shows why trying to controlling an object doesn’t work. We must instead focus first on protecting lives, and then focus on controlling the factors that lead to these incidents. Massad Ayoob lays out one plan that stopped the rampage  and saved lives during the Clackamas Mall shooting. The anti-rights cultists don’t like these solutions because they work. They need the death tolls and the bloody massacres to advance their statist agenda of complete control over American’s lives. They hate the land of the free and the home of the brave, nothing is beneath them but don’t you dare suggest to them the common sense idea that people be able to protect themselves!

We own the conversation when it comes to firearms, it is  time we started acting like it. Don’t let the anti-rights cultists redefine the argument. Make them explain how every measure they propose will keep people safe from violent attacks in the future. Point out solutions that have worked both in this country such as in Utah and Wilbarger County Texas where CCW in schools is allowed and other nations where teachers and administrators are armed. Anti-rights cultists need the blood of innocents to advance their agenda, we aim to put a stop to the bloodshed of innocents.


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