It is time for a new conversation on guns in America

This last week America watched horrified as another mentally ill individual took out their problems on the innocent and defenseless with a firearm. Because of laws in place to keep these children safe the killer with the gun had the advantage over his victims. By last count the perpetrator violated over a dozen laws in his rampage, most of these before he began his rampage in the school.

Now, we are being inundated by the anti-rights cultists to begin a new conversation about guns. Never mind that the laws and policies that made it easier for the killer to go about his deadly purpose unhindered were put in place by the anti-rights cultists  with the assurance that such laws and policies would keep our children safe. To them, and their liberal/progressive/neo-communist supporters I say it is time for you to shut up and sit down in the back of the room. We tried to have a conversation with you and as Joe Huffman so eloquently said: : “We had the “conversation”. Your side lied, cheated, and took unfair advantage at every opportunity. But still your side lost. Big time.” The anti-rights cultists have lost the legal argument, they have lost the safety argument and they gave up the moral argument the moment they started dancing in the blood of innocents to further their political agenda of taking rights away from those who have done nothing wrong.

No there are two real issues that need to be discussed. They are control of those with mental health issues that make up more than half of the perpetrators of mass killings, and gun free zones that do nothing but assure the perpetrators free rein to carry out their heinous acts. The anti-rights cultists have spared no expense making it difficult to identify those who are dangerous and take action to get them the care they need all while claiming to be supporting people’s rights. Then when one of those who slipped through the cracks goes off they then urge we surrender more of the rights that the founders sought to guarantee for us so we could truly be safe.

It is time to say no to the anti-rights cultists who will cloak themselves in the blood of innocents and demand we subjugate ourselves to their totalitarian desires.   It is time that the adults insist on meaningful reforms that will remove the dangerous from our society and allow us to defend against those who are not or cannot be detected before they attempt to carry out a heinous act.

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