Help a fellow blogger out

The magnificent Tam has been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma and will be starting treatment soon. As such she will have quite a few medical bills to cover out of her own pocket. For years many of us have enjoyed her ability to drop the most effective snark bombs ever seen on the internet, so for all of the joy she has given us it is time to give her something back.  You can go to her site and drop some money in her tip jar to help out and while you’re at it you can enter contests for some really awesome prizes that are being offered by fellow gun blogger to encourage donations. Keep an eye on JayG’s site for updates.

If you can’t afford to donate any money at least go by and wish her well. She is a strong and brave woman, but that doesn’t mean she should have to face this on her own. Also Erin is putting together a care package for Tam. If you want in, send her a note.


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