Wouldn’t a Walther PPK have been more appropriate?

Goldgenie is going to offer a series of gold plated PX4s to commemorate the 50th anniversary of James Bond. Now while I like James Bond (still on the fence about Daniel Craig) I don’t think of a PX4 subcompact as the iconic James Bond gun.


One response to “Wouldn’t a Walther PPK have been more appropriate?

  1. It depends on where you get your Bond from.

    They didn’t just reboot the movie franchise, they rebooted the novels as well. I found this out only recently when I picked up one of the newer novels.

    However, since it is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr. No: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Dr._No
    Walther PPK
    Walther PP
    Berretta M1934
    Browning M1910

    I’d have gone with the PPK though. It is more iconic for James Bond.