Friday Funnies “You might be a gunny if…”

From The Gun Divas:

 1. You could give a damn about baseball stats, and can’t figure out how anyone would memorize them, but you can name the make and model of every firearm from every movie and TV show you’ve ever seen without thinking about it.
2. You’ve stopped thinking of it as “Brown” and now only see things as Coyote Tan, Flat Dark Earth (or FDE), or Desert Tan…
3. You subconsciously count shots fired during movie scenes and know when the hero really ran out of ammunition…
4. …And it drives you nuts.
5. The thought of a new model from Smith, Ruger or Kimber makes you physically salivate.
6. Even though you KNOW they make good gear, you just can’t buy HK because they are a bunch of self-centered, PR Inflated, elitist pricks.
7. You see the sense in paying $30,000 – $100,000 for a double rifle. If the name on it is right…
8. Chances are, you’ve shot more in the last month than the last cop you met has in the last 5 years. (Unless they are from NYC, in which case, you’ve likely shot more than they have in their career…).
9. 1000 rounds of ammo constitutes a decent afternoon at the range.
10. Your initial thoughts about 911 upon being mugged is to call them to provide medical assistance to your aggressors…

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