RECOIL learns something about recoil

Say what you will, but most gun magazines today bore me. I might read some at the bookstore while I sip a coffee and wait for The_Missus to finish picking out her limit in books but otherwise I just don’t pay them much heed.

When RECOIL magazine came out it wasn’t much better, but it had enough content in the one issue I’d read (issue #2) to at least seem a little interesting. So I picked up issue #3 but haven’t read it yet due to finals and needing reading glasses. In the meantime issue 4 came out so I picked it up too. Then Saturday night I saw this on Facebook:


So apparently the ‘fine folks’ at RECOIL magazine think H&K’s fancy .22 Win Mag is something that should only be possessed by “Only Ones.” But wait there’s more! As (now former) readers began to call them on this bit of elitism the editor of RECOIL magazine, one Jerry Tsai comes in and double Zumbos RECOIL’s already horrid statements. 

At this point there’s no telling if RECOIL will survive this debacle. Personally I think that unless they make some major amends they are definitely done, and even if they do they might be done. Their words are being heavily condemned on message boards and in Social Media alike. Already RECOIL has begun to lose advertisers, and so far they have chosen not to comment further on the debacle they have created.

As for my thoughts on the H&K P7, well let’s save that for another post.




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