About the ‘Empire State’ incident

Before we get down to brass tacks some details have surfaced on reddit that help to explain the dismal performance of the NYPD and their shooting of innocent bystanders near the Empire State Building:

•Every officer hired since the introduction of pistols in the NYPD back in the early nineties is NOT allowed to use a revolver as their service weapon. They must choose between a Glock 19, S&W 5946, or a Sig p226. All of these guns are in DAO variant and have NO external safety.

•Everyone who is allowed to carry a gun in the department (not everyone is) has to re-qualify once every six months (give or take, it’s been as short as five and as long as nine sometimes).

•MOST NYPD officers fire their FIRST gun, ever in their entire lives, at the police academy, some as young as 21 to as old as 35 shooting for their very first time, and on a DAO pistol.

•The qualifications are HORRIBLE mad get dumbed down every year.

•The NYPD offers once a month training for members to use, on their own time. However, all that is done during these sessions are the same basic dumbed down qualification exercises. You will only receive real help if you outright fail. Missed 12 out of fifty @ 7 yards? GOOD ENOUGH!

•Our tactical training is a joke and maybe ten people in a department of 34K have had Active Shooter training (I’m not exaggerating).

There is a lot broken, basically.

Some of our members NEVER take their service weapons out of their gun belts, and never carry ANYTHING off duty. I’ve seen people with 3 years on have brown rusted rear sights. Some never clean their weapons unless forced to by the firearms unit.

The NYPD has been tight fisted with ammo for the longest time. Take your one box and be happy.

I’ll answer any questions you guys have.

PS: Our holsters are sh*t also.

Unfortunately this poor state of training is not isolated to the NYPD, rare is the excellent marksman that is trained solely by their department. Most, if not all of the very skilled LEOs I know of spend a great deal of their own time and money to increase their proficiency with firearms.

The tragic injury of innocent bystanders could have been reduced by better training and higher proficiency levels. Most importantly proper training in shot placement when faced with a lethal force confrontation in a crowded area. Ayoob teaches that rather than aiming horizontally like one would when shooting C.O.M. one should instead aim down towards the pelvic girdle. A hit there will fracture the pelvis causing the individual to drop like a house of cards. Then if any follow up is necessary all of the subsequent shots will also be aimed down.

None of this is to say that casualties could have been completely avoided. However the number and severity of the injuries would likely have been greatly reduced. Finally, remember that as an armed citizen there is a lawyer attached to each bullet you fire and if you harm an innocent, the one that pays is you.


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