Lessons to be learned

Pat Feeks was killed this month in Afghanistan, this letter should be a lesson to all:

..To Warriors Everywhere…….

Comments in the news on the terrorists that attack our country and about the war got my blood boiling. This is what came out,
I’m not a smart man I’m just a Frogman, so this will not be elegant or well written. I don’t hold a degree from a big fancy college; but I have a binder full of graduations certificates from the best Special Operations Schools. Instead of a Blackberry full of business contacts, I carry a radio with my QRF (Quick Reaction Force) freq’s and my AIRNETS that I can call on if I get into a gunfight. Instead of checking my email each morning to see what my stocks are doing I check mine to see where IED’s have gone off; and what aircraft I am being assigned for my next mission. There are some things I can say, trust me, chemical weapons have been found out here in the sandbox. Terrorists should be treated as enemy combatants even if they do not wear a uniform. There is no distinction these fuckers who try to set off bombs in Times Square or on a plane, won’t change by being called detainees. They are terrorists. Let’s call a spade as spade here.
Somehow people who have never served a day in the military, but have evidently been successful enough in life to be able to afford to run for office, have never learned how to win a war. The way to win a war is to destroy the enemy and kill enough of their guys that it no longer worth their while to fight back. Instead, we play in to the enemies hands. We have handcuffed ourselves by political correctness and limited our ability to fight. The US Govt has spent millions to equip our troops with equipment to fight at night. Now in Afghanistan, some of our most highly trained and best equipped troops; who specialize at hunting down the enemy in their homes and killing them at night, are only allowed to conduct missions during the day time. They are not even allowed to shoot at people who are planting IED’s just outside the main gate of their camps. They have to wait till they are done placing the IED. Then send out EOD, to risk their necks, to disarm the IED. We are saddled with working with indigenous forces who we know are dirty. At times we have even had to conduct raids on the homes of members of the host country military because they are terrorists; in most cases highly placed in the terrorist groups.
These terrorists (yes, I call them terrorists cause I don’t care who I offend) who try to attack my country, not just my fellow warriors overseas, but inside my country against civilians; they should be treated as enemy combatants. But instead they are read their rights and then its leads to a court room circus. This is a war and the way to end a war is to destroy the enemy; not try to play by the moral rules that liberal pussies who have never carried a gun for a living try to place on rough men who do. Men who have never seen evil in the world. Academics that live behind the cloistered walls of civilized society. We are not dealing with civilized men. We are fighting against men who are still living in the 12th century, but are armed with much more effective weaponry that just makes them more dangerous. The way to end this entire war is to "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" let us do our jobs and don’t hamstring us. When we signed up for the military and volunteered again for one of our Nation’s Special Operations Forces, it means that we want to be at the tip of the spear and take it to the enemy. We are very good at our jobs. Sure we can train indigenous forces, but what we are really good at is killing the enemies of our Country. If you look at the history of Warfare that is what wins wars— killing the opposition. The Japs gave up because we killed so many of them, the Brits gave up cause we killed so many; they said fuck it we’ve still tons of colonies elsewhere. The Egyptians gave up in six days to the Jews because they killed so many of them. This may sound ignorant to liberals, who say things like the Cold War was won without a shot being fired. OK, got me. But, guess what? We won! We just spent money till Russia ran out of it. Yes we have won every major battle of this war on terror, now let’s just hope the political pussies in Washington can locate their testicles to finally win the war. Here’s a hint for them. Reach into your purse, probably in there you will find them. Have them reattached with some of that free health care you keep talking about. Once they find their testicles, let us go and do our jobs and kill these terrorists who are threatening our country. Again I’m just a man who makes his living with a gun in my hands and a radio on my back.
God Bless. Pat Feeks

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