Making The “Impossible” Shot

It seems that recently an armed citizen came to the aid of an officer who was engaged with an alleged multiple murderer and was able to change the outcome with some well-placed shots from over 150 yards away with a handgun. There’s no telling how this might have ended up had the armed citizen not intervened, the fact that he has able to effectively engage a hostile gunman bent on mass-murder is a rare skill but not one that is unheard of. Massad Ayoob has detailed several such incidents including this one where the fleeing suspect was 175 yards away.

Now I get that most defensive gun uses occur at very close range, and I do feel that the bulk of your practice should occur at 25 yards or less. However, there may come a time where you have to make a long shot to preserve lives.  The 9mm, .38 Special, .40 S&W, .45ACP and of course the magnums like the .357 and the 10mm can all reach out there if the shooter is comfortable with their weapon at those distances.

I actually enjoy trying long shots on the range with a carry size pistol. It really challenges you to stick to your fundamentals to get that round to go right where you want it. Like the good guys in two articles above I most often use a .357 Magnum for these shots.  It has been my favorite carry round for over a quarter of a century and while I have switched to a semi-automatic firearm picking up one of my revolvers is like visiting an old friend (even if he does insist the .45 Long Colt is the best defensive cartridge ever).

So next time you get a chance try shooting with your carry gun at 50 or even 100 yards. You might be surprised. Then again you may find your handgun skills need some work.

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