Warning: I might be inclined to use harsh language here

On the Shooting in Aurora Colorado:

To begin: The family of the suspect, the families of the victims, as well as the families of the first responders (and especially the first responders themselves) deserve our support while they try to make sense out of a senseless tragedy. We should let them grieve and wait till all of the facts are available before jumping to conclusions and trying to score political points.

Sadly there are blood dancers on both sides of the issue who are crowing right now. First blame was directed at Rush Limbaugh, then it was directed at the TEA Party, Then the Democrat Party and even the occupy movement. None of these claims have been substantiated, though they have all been presented as fact. (Update: the claim the shooter was affiliated with the TEA party has been “retracted” naturally after the damage has been done.)

Needless to say this leaping to conclusions makes both sides look really stupid. Get the facts and report them, no matter how uncomfortable they are. In all reality I think political affiliation has less to do with this and other rampages than people want to attach to it. Some people are just crazy.

Here are the facts we do know: 1. Someone planned to hurt a lot of people. 2. That same someone has at least made it appear that their residence was packed with enough explosives to level a good part of the neighborhood. 3. They carried out their plan and a lot of good people got hurt. 4. The theater where the event took place was a “Gun Free Zone.”

In response to the ACRAs using this event to call for more gun control. Civil Rights Activists have pointed out that if there had been one or several armed citizens in the theater this may have ended entirely differently. Like a shooting at a church a few months ago in the same town. Now it is impossible to know how much differently it would have turned out, but I think the Civil Rights Activists have a point. Disarming people is not working and in light of world events it’s way past the time we let people take some personal responsibility again. We need to bring the Minuteman back. I’ll do my best to remember to bring this up again once everything has been resolved. Until then please keep the family of the suspect, the families of the victims, the first responders and their families in your thoughts and prayers. There will be plenty of time for politics later.


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