Today we find out who in the House of Representatives believes in the rule of law and who doesn’t

Today the House will vote on whether or not the Attorney General is in contempt of Congress for failing to produce over 70,000 documents related to a gun running operation that took place under his watch that resulted in the deaths of over 300 Mexican Nationals and one, possibly two American Law Enforcement Officers. I expect the legacy media to back the Obama Administration up both in their 11th hour exercise of executive privilege  to avoid having to turn over documents about something the President was supposedly unaware of and in blaming President George W. Bush. Not to mention calling this a partisan witch hunt.

The basis for the blame Bush meme this Administration prefers to taking responsibility for something is being justified by a similar but very different operation conducted during the Bush Administration. Look at the chart below and tell me which one looks like an illegal gun running operation and which looks like a legitimate effort by Law Enforcement to break up a gun smuggling operation.



As you can see the “purpose’ of the two operations are the only thing the two operations had in common. So was the real goal of Fast and Furious to stop gun smuggling rings or was it, as some evidence suggests and many others suspect an attempt by the Obama Administration to create a crisis that would allow them to infringe on American’s Civil Right?

For the full details on Fast and Furious including how two courageous bloggers broke the story before any of the legacy media please visit David Codrea’s column at The Examiner.


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