Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

Kool-Aid Before Kool-Aid Was Cool

Recently in the Gun Blogoverse the term “Drinking the Kool-Aid” has been applied to anyone who has made the switch from the .45 to the 9mm. With the 9mm being from S&W’s M&P line in particular. I will say that the M&P line has a lot going for it and do recommend it to anyone looking, but for me I’m more of a traditionalist.

When I first laid eyes on the S&W compact nines I knew nothing of the heritage that spawned them. Devel and ASP where names I had never heard before. But this little 9mm just felt right in the hand and eventually I took one home. Now back in the 1980s the 9mm was not the hot little number it is today. Advances in bullet technology and propellants have made it much more viable of a defensive cartridge than it used to be. That said I still prefer the venerable .45 ACP, I’m just not arrogant enough to turn my nose up at a quality 9mm if the situation warrants it.

The 69 and 59 series S&W autos are still very popular among shooters. Primarily because they have a reputation for being built like tanks. While the grip is bulky it is not uncomfortable and they are a pleasure to shoot. For more on what these pistols could be visit Yankee Gun Nuts for a nice write up on the Devel/ASP line