Daily Archives: May 24, 2012

Folks, do not do this!

Seen on twitter (personal identifying information removed):


Now I get that people shouldn’t have to worry about their car getting broken into. Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that they do get broken into and the contents taken. Most of the time it’s a quick smash and grab anything they can get to quickly, others they have more time. Either way do not make it easy for criminals to get at a gun. If you’re going to be gone from your car for a few minutes and can’t bring your gun with you lock it up in one of the many lock boxes available for just such an occasion. If you’re going to be away from your car for an extended period, take it with you or consider the possibility of *shudder* leaving it at home.

Travelling by car with a gun on your hip is not something I would describe as comfortable and probably attributes to more law enforcement officers suffering a life time of back pain than we would care to admit. However taking it off has its own perils. Most prevalent is a lesson from the 1986 FBI Miami shootout where an agent prior to ramming the suspects car had removed his primary weapon from its holster and placed it in the seat beside him. The collision sent the weapon flying and he was unable to locate it, forcing him to rely on a 5 shot snub-nosed revolver. Second you can forget about your gun and have it get stolen. Third the confined space is not the best place to handle a firearm administratively and you may not [want to] be seen handling a gun when getting in and out of your vehicle. Some options would be a different car with a different seat style, different seats or a different mode of carry. Ankle holster have been said to be good for those who travel in cars frequently and one person I know utilizes a shoulder holster when driving.  Either way try a few options and see what works best for you.