There he goes again…

Once again the “bald shooting instructor with a Brand Name®©™ and a goatee” is making controversial statements to generate more attention to himself and his brand. Last time he attacked the immensely popular 1911, this time he goes after Open Carry advocates and derisively refers to their advocacy as “assclownery.”

Interestingly enough another individual of great renown in the firearms industry briefly addressed the “bald shooting instructor with a Brand Name®©™ and a goatee’s” previous statements about one’s choice of defensive arm. Since they chose to later remove their comments I will not name names, but it is interesting food for thought. Here is the conversation:

[REDACTED] …asked: "What is your opinion of what another tactical expert stated that the 1911 is passé as a defensive weapon, said they have an 80% failure rate in his courses, with the 3 inchers worse than that."

[REDACTED]…the smaller the gun in the 1911 format the less
dependable…but the same applies to all the other manufacturers with smaller guns, so then is it a question of size or the person behind the gun? I have also seen people break bowling balls. Expert is a term used loosely today much like professional… operator… tactical and some other stuff. Also many "experts" ? have never used a handgun in a fight so is their opinion worth much to you? I don’t ever claim to be one. YOU should carry what you are willing to bet your life on… don’t trust ME or anyone else…go SHOOT the gun for yourself… that is the best way to decide what the experts are saying.

Now, I am of the opinion that there are far more reasoned and informed opinions on an individuals choice of defensive weaponry as well as their choice of carry than “bald shooting instructor with a Brand Name®©™ and a goatee” out there. As our anonymous person says you have to educate and inform yourself as to what is best for you both in terms of what you carry and how you carry it. Personally I prefer concealed carry for most situations, however if someone is willing to put the investment into properly open carrying a side arm and it is legal for them that is their choice.


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