Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Now This Is A Disturbing Trend

First off I have to give props to Bayou Renaissance Man for spotting this last year and raising the alert with his article “The changing urban self-defense environment” go RTWT and then come back, it will make the rest of this post more relevant. On Tuesday BRM penned “Is A Race War Being Censored To Avoid White Backlash?” Then on Thursday BRM posted this: “Criminal gangs are obtaining US military weapons.”

I have never met BRM, however his experiences make his opinion one not easily discounted. He has experienced a nation in upheaval amid racial and social tensions and witnessed the horrors that can cause first hand. When he wrote “The changing urban self-defense environment” it came at a time myself and others like Michael Bane had begun to think about our defensive posture and what these new trends did for our risk levels as we went about our daily routines. These recent postings further justify our concerns.

Along with BRM’s postings we also have the following; From Weer’d Beard we have “Anti-Freedom, Not Anti-Gun,” and from Radio Free NJ we have “Sticking With The ‘Racist Murderer’ Theme.” There’s more out there about the current flashpoint of racial tension in this country but I think these links cover it best. The question is; “what does it all mean?”

Well to be honest I don’t really know for certain. However, part of my day job entails risk analysis and threat mitigation and needless to say this kind of news has my attention. We have gangs trying to obtain military hardware and training in urban combat, we have a simmering cauldron of racial unrest that could boil over at any moment, we have an administration that likes to create crises that they won’t let go to waste. When you add all this to a terrorist organization also trying to foment class warfare in the United States, you get the feeling that civil unrest if not outright warfare is a distinct possibility. So how de we mitigate that risk? That is going to be the topic of an uber-post you can expect to see shortly after Memorial day, when finals are done and grades submitted. Until then try to think of ways to reduce your personal risk should civil unrest become a reality.