I am deeply concerned…

This will be my first (and hopefully only) return to the Zimmerman/Martin case since charges were announced. (though I do have some posts that the incident has inspired pending) First off while there are many legal analysts saying the prosecution’ case against Zimmerman is a load of horse dung I am going to keep trying to maintain my distance from proclaiming a verdict. We do not know everything the prosecution knows or think it knows, nor do we know what the defense knows. It’s in the hand of the courts now and we’re strapped in for the ride. That ride is what concerns me most.

At this point it is safe to say it does not matter what evidence is presented there are people out there who believe they know what happened and nothing will change their minds. Some of these people are the puppets of those who use racism to make a living like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and others who aided by early ‘creative editing’ of images 911 calls etc. by the legacy media have raised an angry mob that would lynch George Zimmerman given the chance. Others have a bias in the opposite direction and think that George Zimmerman “gave that [expletive filled description] what he had coming to him.”

Regardless of the final verdict we may see some civil unrest that recent events like this one, or this one lead me to believe it won’t be isolated to just Florida. The question is “what do you do if it comes to that?” My first advice is to follow Commander Zero’s First Rule of Disaster Survival: “When the fit hits the shan, don’t be there!” I remember watching the riots in Los Angeles from several thousand miles away and watching Reginald Denny being dragged out of his truck and severely beaten in an intersection I used to cross twice a day. I wasn’t there, he was.

In case you can’t follow the Commander’s rule I suggest you follow my own rule #14 (subject to renumbering at some point) “Always have a plan.” This plan need not include a weapon, as one may not be available to you. However, if it comes down to riots in the street have alternate routes available that you are familiar with. Listen to the radio and try to keep tabs on where the trouble spots are. Use a map and a felt tip marker to mark the places you want to avoid as the radio reports come in. Be flexible and be ready to go someplace other than home if your routes become unsafe.

Hopefully this post will be unnecessary once everything is said and done.  I would hope those who disagree with the outcome will quietly and peacefully express their opinions but accept it none the less. However I am also known for being a bit cynical.


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