How to be a Civilian Covert Operator

It’s one of those images that you will likely never forget. The State of Missouri had recently passed concealed carry and I was shopping in a local book store when in he came. Khaki boonie hat, clear lenses Oakley Shooting Glasses, Red T-Shirt with some military slogan on it probably proclaiming his status as a Space Shuttle Door Gunner in the 367th Chairborne Division, Khaki Photographer’s Vest, Khaki cargo pants with at least 3 knives clipped in the pockets, and tan desert boots. Before he got in the door I was thinking and a few patrons were saying “is he carrying a gun?” Did I mention he as about 5.5 feet tall and probably tipped the scale on the north side of 350 pounds?

Being an armed civilian is a huge responsibility that one should never take lightly, but sometimes our egos try to get in the way and have us declare to the world “I. Am. A. Badass!” This is the wrong approach. In reality armed citizens should strive to be the ‘gray man’ who goes about their business with few people noticing their passage. This is not to say you shouldn’t be alert and aware, but your dress and your interactions with people should be appropriate to the situation and not conducted in such a way as to draw attention to yourself.

The Loadout Room has an excellent article in this regard and I highly recommend reading it. Please bear in in that in no way do I mean to disparage the Open Carry Movement. That is a different conversation for another day. I just personally feel more comfortable with concealed carry.

But we will have a conversation about open carry soon.


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