A comment so good it deserves to be immortalized

Not from this blog mind you. I’m lucky if anyone reads what I write let alone takes time to spit on the sidewalk. As for comments, even spammers seem to hate me. Good thing I do this for me.

Anyway from Joe Huffman comes a link to a comment by Fred at Shall Not Be Questioned.  I’ll comment as we go along:

1) I do not carry a gun to protect you. I carry it to protect me and mine. I don’t know you, who or what you are, so you’re on your own. Get your own gun, get your own training, get your own CWP. Sorry if you don’t like that, but welcome to Planet Earth. When you start paying for a $25 million liability policy for me and unlimited attorney’s fees, we can talk. Until then, re-read #1.

We live in a lawsuit happy society that is also populated by predators who like to lure in well-doers by pretending to need help. Used to be a time that you didn’t have to ask for help and if you did you got more than you could use. Those days are behind us and if you aren’t prepared to take care of your own you’re food.

2) I teach my students the same thing, plus they are not security guards for the convenience store, gas station or grocery store. If something goes down, imitate the wallpaper, prepare to Immediately Evacuate By The Shortest Route If Necessary, be a good witness if possible.

I’ll only add to this that if you do come under threat be prepared to act, and have a plan. While you’re playing wallpaper and observer you should be determining the easiest exit that you identified when you entered to get out of and safe lanes of fire if there is absolutely no other option.

3) I carry a cell phone to call 911 or other Agency Of Mutual Assistance. I can do that from a reasonable distance that allows me to see what’s going on but not Get Involved. See: Good Witness, above.

I’ve been there and done that. I’ll post the story some time soon.

4) If you have a problem with me not Getting Involved, see #1. I’m not here to solve your problems. That includes my participation in Neighborhood Watch. I have motion sensing lights, trimmed shrubbery, an alarm system, and a gun to protect me and mine if those don’t work. That you don’t have these, or only some of them, is not my problem. Welcome to Life on Planet Earth.

There are a lot of places on the web and in print that detail how to secure your home. I’m pretty sure I’ve even talked about it here If you don’t take the time to read and follow what should be common sense you’re practically inviting disaster.

5) I protect my family, my property, my interests and my life. If you did the same we wouldn’t need a Neighborhood Watch. Or Democrats.

Pretty self-explanatory so I’ll just add an Amen.


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