Final Words on Zimmerman/Martin Until Grand Jury is Over

The brouhaha over this incident has continued in my absence and thankfully resulted in a few more facts about both the incident and the parties involved surfacing. I’ll note that none of the facts that have surfaced have had the result of cooling the rhetoric of the race-baiters who have offered a reward for the kidnapping of Mr. Zimmerman ostensibly so justice can be served. While this appears to be a clear violation of the Federal “Conspiracy Against Rights” statute there is little faith that Eric Holder will answer calls for an investigation

Massad Ayoob chose to weigh in on the controversy pointing out what we do and do not know about events so far. We do not have autopsy results that could answer many questions. Was martin under the influence at the time of the incident? Was there a struggle over Zimmerman’s lawfully carried firearm? How close were the two when the shot was fired?

While neither men are angels in their own right, neither have been convicted of any serious offenses. Yes it has now surfaced that Martin has had his share of brushes with School authorities and that his suspension was for violating the school’s drug policy and not truancy as his family initially claimed. We also know that Zimmerman was charged (but not convicted as Ayoob reports) in an incident involving a police officer and that there have been allegations of domestic abuse in his past.

We also know that there have been other inconsistencies in the reporting of the case to include images of Martin and Zimmerman. Clue for everyone, there is another Trayvon Martin on Facebook who favors the ‘gangsta’ appearance and gravitationally challenged pants. We have discovered inconsistencies in statements from Martin’s family and appearances are that they are positioning themselves to profit from their son’s death.

In comparison, all of the evidence released so far has backed Zimmerman’s account of the incident. The City of Sanford has made a statement to this effect and shown why they could not legally arrest Mr. Zimmerman at the time and why he remains free to this day. Cliff notes version, unless the Grand Jury decides an indictment is warranted Mr. Zimmerman will remain free as there is no clear cut evidence to indicate he committed a crime.

The Grand Jury will have the opportunity to examine all of the facts, until that time all we can and should do is wait. Hopefully at some point all of the facts will be made public, not that I expect it to make a difference to those who have already decided Mr. Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence. I know what it looks like to me right now, but there are still too many missing facts to make a decision. Just lessons to be learned.


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