Anti-Civil Rights Activists argue in favor of Gay Bashing

There is a case that was heard on Monday where a gentleman by the name of Gray Peterson is suing for his right to carry a weapon to protect himself. Naturally Ladd Everett, Joan Peterson and assorted others are opposed to this because they (mistakenly) believe this will make everyone less safe.

What the news story fails to mention is that Mr. Peterson is gay. Unfortunately in our society that means some people will insist on treating him differently. Whether it is by discriminating against him by denying basic civil rights or by beating the crap out of him, it’s an ugly fact that Americans still have a lot to learn when it comes to respecting others, including others right to choose to carry effective tools of defense should they be targeted.

The ACRAs argue that they are only concerned with our safety. However by their actions we know they will not light a candle for a victim of gay bashing unless a gun is used. They won’t care if the violence is perpetrated by a crowd of thugs wielding baseball bats and tire irons. Their only desire is that Mr. Peterson and other citizens like him, Gay or not, are barred access to firearms with which they could defend themselves with.

H/T No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money, Beyond the Snake


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