What not to do

By way of Tam over at View From The Porch we have this video where our intrepid young heroine decides to confront the drunk who just spit on her (or her friend). Go ahead and watch I’ll wait.

OK seen it, now barring the late hour and street full of drunks what did they do that they shouldn’t have? If you answered pursued and confronted the drunk give yourself a kewpie doll for mental clarity. The minute they pursued and confronted their assailant they became the aggressors. Now their actions didn’t appear to warrant the drunks response but if things had escalated you can be assured that lawyers types would not look too kindly on the assailant being chased down.

So what should they have done? Exactly what Tam suggested if they really felt it warranted a confrontation. Call the uniforms and let them deal with it. Sometimes being in the right means swallowing a bit of your pride or dignity to either avoid or deescalate a confrontation. That is part of our responsibility as an armed citizen.


2 responses to “What not to do

  1. I’m conflicted on this one.
    On one hand, I think that choosing to confront what (in hind sight is clear) a drunk on the street isn’t a wise idea.

    On the other hand, Silence is consent / What we accept we teach.
    Part of our problem in society is we’ve moved away from publicly calling out people for their bad behavior. Live and let leave is a great philosophy if it doesn’t affect anyone else, but spitting on the sidewalk does.

    On the gripping hand, I firmly believe in the concept of “fighting words”. There are some statements, things said that can warrant a physical response. I would find it highly doubtful though the ladies used any of those to the drunk. I doubt they could have said anything warranting the physical assault — in the time span and considering the subject.

    It really comes down to what are we going to allow to be the norm in our society?

  2. ordnancecorner


    Personally, I think the drunk should have been confronted for his actions. However, I do not think the women were the right ones to do so. Letting the uniforms handle it would be both the wiser and safer action.

    Used to be a time that a gentleman escort would handle defending the ladies honor, but sadly I doubt we’ll ever get back to that level of enlightened civilization again.