The Weapon…

Sean D. Sorrentino’s post about a woman thwarting an attack in Huntersville North Carolina reminded me of a re-run of NCIS I watched recently where fictional NCIS Agent Ziva David found herself in an at-risk situation. Unfortunately fro Ms. David her team mates back at NCIS headquarters realized she was at risk before her. There was one exchange that echoes Sean’s post. Someone asked Gibbs “Does Ziva have a weapon?” to which Gibbs replied “Ziva is a weapon.”

When it comes to self-defense, the best tool anyone has is their mind. Hopefully it helps us to recognize and avoid a bad situation before we need to use any other tools. Sometimes though we may have no other choice. When I first got involved in the world of defensive firearms one of my mentors was very big on learning more than just one gun or one method to defend oneself. His philosophy was the more knowledge you have of the tools you can use to save your life the better chance you have of surviving an encounter.

Like the woman who fought off her attacker you should not only be aware of the tools at your disposal, you should try to have at least a passing familiarity with their use. Learning unarmed combat, combat with edged weapons, and combat with impact weapons are all useful skills that can help you get home alive. More importantly they can also teach you clues to look for if an attack is imminent possibly giving you a chance to avoid it all together.  Guns, knives, batons, teeth, hand feet etc. are all tools. The weapon is you, how well forged is the weapon that is you?


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