Home Invasion and You

We all hear about home invasions and most of us just say “it won’t happen to me” and turn the page, the channel, or close the tab. This story involves an individual who is an alumnus of the same unit I was part of in the 1990s. We didn’t serve together but the community that has grown up around that unit has once again come together in the wake of this tragedy.

The only real details I have is that all three victims had their throats slashed. I do not know if there was a fight, if they submitted or if each were surprised by their attackers. There are some things that can be done to reduce the possibility of being victimized by home invaders.

First and foremost don’t make it easy for them to get into your home. Lock your doors, if you have open windows on the ground floor make sure that they can’t  be opened so far enough for someone to get in. Have an alarm that sounds a chime if an exterior door or window is opened. Consider plants under windows that are either spiky or thorny and make sure entrances are well lit.

Have a plan. Make sure residents of the home are aware of the plan and what is expected of them.  Rehearse the plan, if you haven’t practiced you will return to your default setting.

Carry a gun. Yes even in the home have it ON you. When you make a trip to the range be sure to practice at distances that exist in your home with both your carry piece and your primary weapon system. If you can run drills that simulate using cover, getting up off the couch, from behind the dining room table etc. When you practice these drills at home consider utilizing blue guns (solid plastic replicas of real guns) so you get used to maneuvering with them.

Finally, seek competent instruction from well-known instructor’s as there is some advice out there that will get you killed.


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