2012 could be a very disturbing year.

The #occupy crowd has announced the “99% Spring” and while they claim they are non-violent, their record shows them to be anything but with murders, sexual assaults on both adults and children, lewd acts in public, child abuse, unsanitary conditions and tens of thousands of arrests. Most recently they have added their own twisted form of Biological Warfare to the mix.

So how is one to survive the potentially coming chaos? The best thing to do is to try your best to avoid it all together. Keep an ear to your radio, watch the local news, and form a sort of communication network with fellow LMI so if someone sees or gets wrapped up in something they can warn others. If you are armed I would personally try to avoid or escape a confrontation before engaging lethal force. I would rather lose my throwaway money clip to the crowd, than deal with the terrorism some of our Law Enforcement Officers have faced from the #occupy crowd for just doing their jobs. Terrorism that has even found itself aimed at the wrong target.

Hopefully things will never get as bad as what Selco experienced during the Balkan wars. Though it does one well to remember that the individuals who founded this country were aware of the danger such uprisings can bring. It does even better to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.


One response to “2012 could be a very disturbing year.

  1. I dunno, the link to the Occupiers was admittedly tenuous at best; early police reports and the news link admitted as much. We mustn’t jump to conclusions here, but allow for a full investigation of the facts. The address and information was posted on an “open” Facebook page–one of many– simply “used” by the Occupy Boston group, which was stated in the other news article. I don’t fear this group nearly as much as the one they are protesting. I believe that the Founding Fathers would be more likely to support this group than to condemn them. That is why they made provisions for guaranteed free speech and a right to assembly. And we mustn’t forget the BOSTON Tea Party…