You are your own first responder

Yesterday I came across this post by Officer “Smith” where he explains why you need to learn to protect yourself. I’ve been there myself, crime in progress on the phone with the police and their response was measured in minutes for a situation that could have been over in seconds. My most recent incident I was on a cell phone which as Officer “Smith” says only lengthened the response time.

Fortunately at no time was I at risk of harm but the situation could have changed in a moment and I might have been. I was ready just in case, a lot of the time people are not. Just like I have fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and trauma kits and the training to use them. I also have combat training and weapons training and consider them all to be use only if needed emergency preparations.

To reinforce this point I ask you to take a look at this view of current day Detroit. It’s almost the world of Mad Max there, will the rest of the United States have to experience the same level of hell before it comes to its senses?


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