Who will protect your husband?

A couple of days ago Cornered Cat asked on Facebook: “A few days ago I heard a woman say she never carries a firearm because "My husband will protect me…" It’s charming that she feels that loved and that secure. But it’s also a little sad in some ways. What would you say to her about that plan?”

My response was: “Who will protect your husband?”

I’d like to expand on this concept a little bit. When you are facing a threat a lot of physiological changes occur, one of which your cone of focus narrows. An example of that is our Sniper Teams in the Middle East. If photos I have seen lately are any indication Sniper Teams have gone from two members to three. The sniper, his spotter and rear security. This is because while the Sniper and Spotter were focused on the threat(s) in front of them, a bad guy could (and did on at least one occasion) approach from behind kill them and take their stuff. However, with the addition of a third person tasked with providing security for the other two their chances of surviving in the urban battlefield are greatly increased.

The same principle applies to a couple here in the states, one can deal with the obvious threat while the other looks for the threat coming from the blind side. At home the partner can be watching for other threats, talking to police, herding kids to safety etc. and should partner get hurt they can serve as backup to deal with any more threats as well as render aid.

Now obviously if she is not comfortable with handling firearms, one shouldn’t push. But I do feel the question is one they need to at least think about. If they aren’t willing to arm themselves see if there are other things they will do like take a first responder course. Try to integrate them into the home safety plan such as being the one to herd any crumb crunchers to safety and handle communications with the police. Anything to get them involved may result in their deciding to take a more proactive role. Even if it doesn’t whatever support they do provide could be helpful in the long run.

Perhaps I should consider an article on equipment for the domestic couple in the future. Stay tuned…


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