Why shouldn’t Han have shot first?

First watch the following video from Bill Whittle:

Mr. Whittle is right in saying that political correctness from Hollywood is one of the many things ruining the entertainment industry. However the controversy over whether or not Han shot first also provides us a teachable moment for self-defense encounters.

Before we begin, keep in mind that we will be discussing the general principals of armed self-defense here. Laws in your area may require or allow a different response so be sure to consult an attorney in your area regarding self-defense laws and as always seek competent instruction in the proper use of firearms for self-defense.

Massad Ayoob teaches us that in order to employ lethal force you must be in a situation where it is reasonable to fear imminent grievous bodily harm or death. Greedo has a blaster pointed right at Han’s head, that makes it seem pretty obvious that Han has reason to believe he is about to be harmed. Second Greedo is talking about blasting Han, which while witnesses to corroborate his story may be sparse is another reason to believe he faces harm. So is Han legally and morally justified in shooting first? Yes he is and even though Greedo has the drop on Han (lesson in situational awareness), he manages to distract Greedo while he gets his own blaster out and removes Greedo as a threat.

Oh and Mr. Lucas, it’s not lost on me that you’re more concerned over Han shooting first than his status at that point in the movie as a drug runner.


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