Forces of Liberty Win Again

Yesterday the totalitarian supporters of criminals everywhere tried to organize a boycott  of Starbucks Coffee Shops because Starbucks refuses to support their efforts to restrict the places and manner in which one carries the tools of self-defense. While they refer to Starbucks’ position as “Pro-Gun” the truth of the matter is that Starbucks has declared neutrality and simply stated that they will follow local law. A position that law-abiding gun-owners respect and support.

In response to the impending boycott Second Amendment supporters decided to hold a buycott the same day. Naturally competing pages for the event were set up on Facebook and competition over the most “will be attending” began.  A statistic the NGAC quickly hid as their numbers were quickly dwarfed by Second Amendment supports at a rate of better than 65 to one. As yesterday arrived NGAC was quick to claim victory in the grass-roots battle. However that was quickly proven a propagandist’s lie. The hilarity that is the train wreck paid anti-rights activists have become was further illustrated on twitter as the day progressed.

The opponents of Liberty vow to continue their meaningless gesture, but it would appear that not only did Starbucks fail to see a drop in sales, they may have seen an increase. Several gun blogger’s who had previously not patronized Starbucks mainly out of a dislike for coffee (yes I know, heresy) found products they did enjoy and plan to return regularly now. I have a feeling Starbucks gained for more than the less than 137 customers they lost yesterday. While I do not care for their coffee either I too will make it a point to return to Starbucks at least once a week in a continued show of support as they usually have something I like.


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