A couple of things today

Up first Commander Zero’s post on the Glock’s popularity. He makes no apologies for his love of the plastic fantastic pistol from Austria nor should he be asked to. The Glock was designed to do one thing and it does it very well. People will notice I trend towards the 1911 platform, but that does not keep me from acknowledging that the Glock is a worthy pistol to consider. Now I think the M&P series from S&W is capable of giving Glock a run for their money and really would like to have one myself. Trouble is the niche I was going to fill with one got something else placed in it when I went to buy the M&P. More on that some time in the future.

Heading over to Gun Nuts Media we have Shelley Rae talking about Women and the Shooting Sports and how we men should be careful not to dispense condescending head pats but instead show support and provide constructive criticism. I’m pretty sure I’ve done both over the years and while I prefer to be supportive and provide constructive remarks where possible I’m sure I’ll unintentionally dish out a condescending head pat or two along the way. However, I’ll try my best to be supporting so I hope that my efforts are taken that way.

In closing I would like to mention National Take Your Daughters to the Range Day.  The date is set for June 9 2012, while I don’t have a daughter to take to the range I hope parents that do participate in this. If I get asked to tag along so a daughter has a gun to shoot, I’ll definitely go.


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