A boomstick for Sarah

Many of you are aware of the story of young Sarah McKinley, the 18 year old woman who was recently widowed and then forced to use lethal force to protect herself from two men trying to break into her home shortly after her husband’s funeral.

As is standard procedure her firearm was taken for evidence this left her with just a pistol and probably feeling a little defenseless. Unlike the victim disarmament crowd populated by the likes of the Joyce Foundation, Joan Peterson, CSGV etc. who would just tell her to light a candle. The fine people at gunssavelife.com got together along with the local police department and acted to give this courageous young woman the means to keep protecting herself and her baby. After a few donations and a “passing of the hat” GSL managed to put together a custom Remington 870 with money to spare. See the full story here (.pdf) on page 5.

A tip of the hat to everyone who donated to help young Sarah. If you would still like to help there is a trust account set up to help Sarah and her baby. The contact information is; Sarah McKinley Trust Fund, Chickasa Bank & Trust 405 485-2300 (ask for Leah). Here’s hoping that 2012 is better for her.

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