Ray of light goes Super Nova

Gunnies all over took Weerd’s idea and ran with it. Even Massad Ayoob got involved. The commenter’s at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page chose to call a bunch of shooters with advanced degrees in a video posted by Joe Huffman a bunch of beer guzzling, uneducated hillbillies playing with deadly weapons. Joe of course knocked his pitch out of the ballpark. However the best post to date about what we did and why comes from a Lady who is a relative newcomer. A Girl wrote an open letter to the CSGV etc. here is part of what she said:

You, you who hate guns, you gave me nothing. 
No hope. 
No tools. 
All that was offered me was a life of fear, of resentment, of bitterness, of dependance…
The gun community has offered me hope and strength, and courage. 
They have taught me to have belief in myself.
They have asked nothing of me in return and, yet, I would give them my life.
Funny thing is, they would never ask me to.
This is where I belong.
These are my people.

There’s more at the link, read it learn from it. A Girl’s experiences with the gun community are why we win.

A Girl wasn’t done there. She then went toe to toe with “Guns are bad” Joan Peterson and after a very brief exchange had this to say:

…I do find it interesting that for a group that claims to care so much about people, you didn’t offer me one bit of concern. You didn’t say, gee that must have been hard or I am sorry for your daughter. You just said I missed the point. I think I got it. Loud and clear. Me, the person, the victim, doesn’t matter at all to you.

A Girl’s story is indeed a sad one. That she has chosen to turn it into something positive speaks volumes for her strength of character. She and her daughter experienced something no one should ever have to. She still refers to herself as a victim of violence and at one time she was. I do hope she understands when I say I feel she is no longer a victim but a survivor. A survivor with the will and courage to face the evils of the world and say “I will do everything I can to make the world a better place for myself and my daughter.”

The anti-gunners’ candles have long been extinguished. Their feeble light all but forgotten. Our light still burns not because we got bigger candles, but because every day through the way we live and interact with our fellow man we show that candle light doesn’t change the world, only the burning fire we have inside of us that wants everyone to feel the warmth of hope strength and courage can do that.

Am I a gunnie? You betcha.


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