A ray of light in dark times

Those who would leave us helpless to a younger, stronger and even armed foe have somehow decided that a lit candle is all we need to stop violent crime. Weer’d decided that we as a nation can do better than to depend on the mercy of thugs. Instead of just lighting a candle we will instead light a candle and post an image of the tools we would use to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from coming to harm.

My tool of choice is a first generation Colt CCO carried in a Blade-Tech holster and filled with 230gr Federal Hydra-Shocks. In States and locations where I can carry it you will find it by my side, quietly ready should the need arise but hoping it will never be called into action.

While we’re her I’d like to point you to both A girl and her gun and Home on the Range. Both have made excellent posts on their thoughts over the ridiculousness of the victim disarmament crowd.


2 responses to “A ray of light in dark times

  1. CCO! Classy! Shame Colt doesn’t make them anymore, but just about everybody else makes a CCO, so there’s that!

    Am I correct that you carry 8-rounders as your reload, and a 6 or 7 in the gun?

  2. ordnancecorner

    Actually Colt is making the CCO again but they do not have it in their catalog. One major difference is that now they are using real Novak sights which makes the search for sights to fit the user’s preference a lot easier. If I remember right the new CCO is sold under the XS line.