Thoughts on a year past and a year to come

2011 was a quiet year for the blog, but not for my personal life. I have made a lot of progress towards my Master’s in Information Security, but the goal is still a ways off. The mid-point however is in sight. In the terms of Ordnance stuff I made some good acquisitions, made a few I regretted and passed on to someone else who will hopefully appreciate more. This coming year may not see any new boomsticks cross my threshold as I have other things I need to address first, but it will see some items repaired that need it and deficiencies in equipment and accessories for what I do have corrected.

With my busy schedule and lack of a decent range readily accessible there won’t be very much live fire practice this year, but I intend to supplement what I do get with dry-fire. I plan to research drills, try a lot of them and let you know what works for me and why. Believe it or not there will even be some dry-fire gear reviews too.

I think we aren’t going to see too many ground breaking innovations this year. There may be a few interesting products and I think most of those will center either on the Tactical Rifle or Concealed Carry Market. I see interest in these increasing due in part to the expansion of concealed carry to all but one state (at least on paper) and as people find out more and more people are taking responsibility for themselves they too will seek out the proper tools accessories and training to use them. Tactical Rifles have become all the rage both for sport and personal protection especially now that the AR-15 has replaced the shotgun in most Police Cruisers in the US. If the Occupy movement and/or its supporters hangers on continues with its escalation of violence, and there is every indication that they may, I expect to see interest in Concealed Carry and defensive long arms to skyrocket.

In the political arena we have come a long way towards regaining our civil rights. However, those gains have already experienced some back lash as anti-civil rights groups have already tried attacking pro-rights bloggers on a personal level by outing their personal information (TWITTER ATTACKS) for their fringe nut jobs to begin their nefarious activities. With this in mind we need to be doubly watchful both for dirty tricks and outright attacks. Remember, a beast is at its most dangerous when it knows it’s dying.

Overall I think 2012 will be a decent year for the Industry, I hope it is for me personally as well. A little cautious optimism never hurts, though it does pay to have contingencies. Until my next post, stay safe.

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