Why Infiltrate?

When I saw this line in my morning feeds my heart literally sank. This morning my social media streams bombarded me with excellent news about how women have successfully infiltrated the world of gun ownership. Now Shelley Rae may be the victim of poor word choice here, but based on The_Missus’ reaction to her visits to Gun Shows and Stores with me I fear that is not the case. Sadly there are still far too many men out there who view firearms as a men only thing.

The truth is a lot of women love to shoot. They may not all be interested in self-protection like I usually focus on, but they still like to participate in some form of the shooting sports. Usually they are quite good at it too. In fact there are some women out there who may one day find themselves ranked among the likes of Clint Smith, Massad Ayoob or dare I even suggest, Jeff Cooper. Ladies shouldn’t feel like they need to infiltrate the shooting community. They should feel like they are being enthusiastically welcomed.

So guys here’s a bit of advice. Spend some time at Gun Nuts, Girls Guide to Guns, Women’s Outdoor News and other firearms blogs with lady writers or run by ladies and see what they like. Both in sports and gear. Listen to how they like to be treated (and don’t) in the store, at the range or out in the field. Educate yourself on ways to properly interact with a Lady who may or does like guns and enjoy their company. Chances are you’ll learn a few things and make some good friends along the way.

One more thing, there’s a good chance that sooner or later a lady will come along that will beat you at your favorite game and make it look easy. Be a good sport about it, please. And remember one thing; just because she can kick your ass at the range or got a better animal than you in the hunting fields is no reason to forget to tip your hat or hold the door for her. After all she is a Lady.


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