Keeping an edge

Right about a month ago a meme went around asking what kind of knife people carry. It was an interesting exercise that showed a lot of gun people who carry guns also carry knives .  Ostensibly these are just another layer in our self-defense strategy. In reality they are a tool that most of us use often. At least for me.

When I first met The_Missus she was terrified of anything with a sharp edge. Came from saving someone’s life who was trying to commit suicide from a knife. Proving the rule that if you get into a fight with a knife you will get cut. Yet I always carry a knife (except when I flew), and I treated it like the tool it is.

After a while she got used to the idea of my knife being around and has been more than grateful I have one on more than one occasion. She’s never had the same issue with firearms, and to her they are just like my knife. A tool to be used when needed.


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