Sometimes Simple is Best

Over at Backwoods Home Magazine Massad Ayoob talks about handguns for home defense. Sure he keeps a custom Beretta 92 for home defense, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect home and hearth with less. In fact, as Mas mentions in his article, less in this case may be more.

I mentioned yesterday how my first defensive handgun was a used .357 Magnum revolver. Home, Concealed Carry, Field Carry and Match Gun were all roles it was called on to fill. I fed hundreds of rounds to it a week sometimes and it never complained. To this day I am still completely comfortable with it as a defensive arm.

To further illustrate this we had two shooters in the little practical pistol I belonged to way back when one was always scoring at the top. The other the bottom. The guy on the bottom decided it must be a gear thing and proceeded to drop thousands of dollars into custom firearms. The guy at the top decided to prove a point and at the beginning of the match season bought a box stock Colt 1911 (similar to today’s Colt #O1991) some quality magazines and went with it for the year. At the end of the year or shooter who had spent thousands on guns and gear was still at the bottom of the rankings. The guy with the stock 1911 had placed first for every match.

The lesson here is simple. The shooter makes the gun. Well, so long as the gun is a solidly reliable and accurate one. Spend your money on training, matches and ammo. Not on gizmos and gadgets. Like Clint Smith says (paraphrasing) “If it isn’t solving a proven problem for you, you don’t need it.”


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