The score is now 49 to 1

By way of Tam and many others we have the news that a bill to allow Wisconsinites to carry concealed weapons to protect themselves is on the way to Governor Walker, who has pledged support to the measure.

Now it would be real easy to go into a rant about how forcing Citizens to beg for permission to exercise a Constitutionally guaranteed right is a bad thing, but there’s another issue I’d like to point out in the article Tam linked to.

Andre Smith, of Madison, argued "some people are not fit to have weapons on them."

Yep, the Wisconsin State Journal went out and found some bleeding heart who doesn’t like the idea of law-abiding citizens being able to defend themselves. Or did they?

Smith, 37, said he is a felon and not a gun owner. But he worried that some people carrying guns may react quickly and shoot someone "out of fear, out of reflex."

I’d just like to point out that felons are prohibited from possessing firearms and are usually the reason why law-abiding citizens choose to carry concealed weapons.


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