Changing the way some things are done.

There is a dustup in the gun blogosphere right now that I won’t detail here.  But it does involve someone who I think is worthy of a lot of praise being denigrated by another gun blogger. The original story from the target of the offensive action is here while Bayou Renaissance Man, Carteach and Weer’d Beard offer excellent commentary. Obviously a lot of other folks have come to her defense and done a great job of it. I think a few others should have stepped up to the plate more, but I will not call them out. They have to look themselves in the mirror every day, if they can live with themselves that’s fine by me.

Now something that used to be a regular feature here was a Babe of the Week. Sometimes it’d just be a girl at the range having a good time other times it’d be a girl with little more than a band-aid and dental floss on. Those posts are gone and will not be returning.

Part of my life’s work with firearms has been to get women shooting. I’ve advocated for guns that are easy for them the shoot well. Even came up with a modified design that may or may not have inspired a regular production gun. The BOTW posts created an environment that was contrary to that goal. I didn’t think about it until this incident, but there it is. So to Breda I say the same three words I say quite often to my long-suffering wife of 10 years: “I’m an idiot.”

Instead of “babes” I’m going to begin a new category, “Armed and Female.” if I have permission from the ladies in the pictures and/or the photographers I want to begin posting pictures of ladies with their guns in a natural setting. This means no model shots (with apologies to Oleg Volk).

When it comes to gun bloggers I’m as small as a fish gets in the pond. But if anyone comes here I want it to be a positive experience.

Until next time…

Good day


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