Life happens again

OK my plan to have at least weekly updates isn’t working out, but I haven’t forgotten about this place. If anyone is still checking in to see if I’ve finally cleaned out the cobwebs I’d like to share a couple of things with you.

Those who know me personally are well aware of my efforts to get more women involved in the shooting sports, particularly in the area of self-defense. Today I’d like to share two places for ladies to go learn about guns and guys to learn about ladies and guns.

I’ve mentioned them here several times, but they deserve a formal introduction. Girl’s Guide to Guns is a site that is all about girls guns and fashion sense. Natalie Foster and Katie Shackelford take time to explore all aspects of women’s involvement in the firearms industry. From new shooters to championship shooters, Sporting Clays to Tactical Training and yes even ‘bedazzling’ guns and gear, these ladies want to learn about it, try it and write about it.

Next up is someone relatively new to the social media aspect of firearms, but very experienced in the business. Shelley Sargent is a Rangemaster at West Coast Armory and an Editor for Gun Nuts Media.  Shelley is not shy about sharing her opinions on guns and gear or how women are treated by the firearms industry or male shooters. If you’re willing to listen you will learn at least something from her.

So head on over and take a look around, keep an open mind and you will get some ideas on how women think about firearms and gear. The difficulties they face because manufacturers don’t quite get it yet and the flak they get from guys whose egos won’t let them comprehend that a lady might know something about guns they don’t, and may even be a better shot than them. I’ve been doing the firearms gig for 26 years, and I’ve learned things from both places and I’m positive Shelley would clean my clock in a IDPA match. Natalie and Katie might too and I’m OK with that.

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