A note to those who open carry

Before I start let me clarify something I DO NOT oppose legalized open carry. In fact I am all for it, because if someone is carrying concealed in an open carry state and their gun becomes exposed they face no legal repercussions. That said after open carrying on my job as a counter monkey at what used to be a large firearms company, I prefer not to. So if you come out and say I am against legalizing open carry I shall send an Englishman with an outrageous French accent to constantly remind you that your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.

Now to business. If you are going to carry openly please show some respect. Walking into a library with a shotgun is just plain rude. Carrying an AR-15 into a restaurant is just plain obscene. Those who seek to deprive us of our rights will use any opportunity we give them against us and fellas you’re writing the antis a blank check with your bad behavior. Leave the artillery in the trunk of your car and use your handgun to get to it if trouble rears its head. Police officers do this, Cowboys have traditionally left their shotguns and rifles stowed until the trouble starts. Why can’t you?


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