Time for a rant on Korean M1 Carbines and Garands

Folks when you get statements like the following:

Asked why the M1s pose a threat, the State Department spokesman referred questions to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF representatives said they would look into the question Monday afternoon, but on Wednesday they referred questions to the Justice Department. DOJ spokesman Dean Boyd referred questions back to the State Department.


The White House referred questions on the issue to the Pentagon, which referred questions to the U.S. Embassy in South Korea, which deferred back to the State Department.

You are being given the run around.

Personally I think it’s past time we make this a big issue. There’s an election coming and for many politicians appearing to be in favor of gun control means their careers and aspirations are destined for a short lifespan. So let’s get out there and start the letters phone calls and e-mails to our elected officials in D.C. demanding some straight answers. In the mean time also write to the NRA, GOA, SAF and JPFO and encourage them to make more noise on the issue. The NRA especially needs to get off its backside and do something as they are the 8,000 pound gorilla in D.C. They can use this issue to produce better ads than this silly crap that should have never seen the light of day.

Now as for Dennis Henigan and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence the following statement shows their real desire: "…If there is a legally sufficient way to keep them out [of the hands of law abiding citizens in the United States], we think it’s perfectly reasonable to do so." Handgun Control Incorporated may have changed their name, but they are still all about disarming everyone in the United States except for Police and Military forces. That Mr. Henigan and his organization would be willing to destroy articles of historic significance to the United States in his quest to ultimately deny its citizens of their Civil Rights is doubly shameful.

If you need information on how to contact your elected official in D.C. Project Vote Smart has a search function to help you. And remember your elected officials work are supposed to work FOR you. They might need to be reminded of that.

All quotes are from FoxNews.com


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